Origin of word Soccer


The game of Football is called “Football” in every country of the world except the USA, Australia, and Canada where it is called ‘Soccer‘. In Italy, it is called ‘Calcio’. A primitive form of football which was called Calcio Fiorentino originated in 16th-century in Italy

In the USA, to distinguish the game from the Americal Football, it was called as “Association Football”. It was abbreviated to Assoc. Football. Locals started calling it Assoc.. In those days, it was normal to add an ‘er’ to words and so ‘er’ was added to ‘Assoc’ making it ‘Assocer’. Then all of the sudden ‘As’ was removed from ‘Assocer’ and gave birth to the word “Soccer”. The name has been frozen since then.

Today, soccer and football are interchangeably used. In the USA. Football still means American Football and rest of the world knows it is soccer and we call it Football.

Do you know, Who is the Father of Indian Football?

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